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It is our endeavor to narrow Asia's energy demand & supply gap by being a reliable and loyal supplier of coal and other commodities while always addressing economical and
environmental concerns most optimally.

“We have been expanding and diversifying our business since our inception in a balanced manner. From our roots in coal trading from Indonesia, we have grown our geographical reach to various Asian countries and have been diversifying our portfolio into a range of commodities ever since.”

Alexander AwanataManaging Director


Ascon is a Jakarta, Singapore and HK based company which focuses on the energy business with a particular expertise in Indonesian coal and oil product trading, lead by a management team with a combined 100+ years experience.


Our key focus areas are the various Indonesian provinces as well as a number of Asian outlets. We are particularly concentrating on growing markets where we cooperate with private & governmental companies.


Ascon’s typical day to day operations entail the structuring and execution of various coal and commodity trade related transactions including the storing, shipping, trucking, blending and financing of our products.


Our team works hard to continue growing Ascon’s reach on a daily basis in our endeavor towards achieving higher targets and to aim at delivering success with speed for all our clients, locally as well as internationally.


ASCON is a Jakarta, Singapore and Hong Kong based company. It is mainly focused on the energy business with a particular interest and experience in international coal trading as well as oil import trading which our local Group has conducted successfully since 2013.

ASCON is trading under its own Indonesian local and export trade licenses  issued by the Indonesian Investment Coordinating Board, an official Governmental entity.

Since inception the trading volumes of our domestic customer base of coal have sharply increased and with access to greater supply origination and an interest in demand from beyond SE Asia, ASCON has become a truly internationally focused coal and oil trading group company with a dedicated and experienced management.

ASCON consolidates the Groups’ already existing coal and oil business and  serves the local Indonesian market as well as the international mining, shipping and industrial markets (including the power, steel, cement and paper industries) beyond and including SE Asia. We have access to substantial mineable coal reserves, through a combination of our internal reserves, via long-term off-take agreements with affiliated mines and/or via some of the largest and most reputable local mines.

On a daily basis, we have numerous coal-laden barges on the water which are shipped to our buyer’s designated discharge locations: Either local ports, export ports, stockpiles or mother-vessels; always meeting the requirements of our clients in time while ensuring the quality and quantity which we have mutually agreed upon.

The back-story to our success is the growth of Indonesia’s industrial sector and the associated demand for energy, which is reflected in increased coal supply.

Coal is the mainstay of Indonesia’s energy needs. A majority of the primary energy supply and of power generation in the country is coal based. In spite of the many local challenges, we succeeded in growing our trading volumes in recent years and strive to continue doing so in the coming decade. Undoubtedly, our success is based on the trust and understanding of our clients and on our experienced employees who have been the backbone of our leading edge performance.

ASCON is committed to developing a world class operation through our scale of ambition, speed of execution and quality of operation. We hereby believe in a sustainable development of the communities in which we operate.


– Henry Ford –


The physical coal trading and its related services are our core business. We have supply agreements, offtake contracts and authorization to represent coal from way over twenty mines in East Kalimantan, Central Kalimantan, South Kalimantan, South Sumatera and Jambi, with a total coal supply access capacity in excess of 1 Million MT per month.

In order to meet our clients demand, we structure and execute the supply of coal from the mine site to our clients’ factories or storage facilities. Hence, we store, ship and truck the coal, arrange the internal as well as independent inspection, blend the coal if needed and are capable to pre-finance the whole transaction until final receipt of the coal by our clients.

OUR VISION: To be the one stop source for coal from Indonesia to fuel power plants and industrial clients in Asia.

OUR MISSION: To produce and trade our planned quantity of coal efficiently and economically in an eco-friendly manner with due regard to safety, reliability and quality.

On the coal side as well as for any other of our traded commodities, such as High Speed Diesel (HSD), ASCON has several arrangements with Indonesian companies to provide the required logistics to move product to our dedicated berths for loading barges with up to 8.000 MT of coal and 10.000 MT of HSD for further transport and subsequent discharge into trucks, mother-vessels or storage facilities, following and according to the needs of our clients.

The supply chain is carefully monitored by ASCON Field Managers who coordinate movements and quality with the supply mines and oil terminals and Independent Laboratories.

Our clients are among the largest companies in their industries.

We either supply to state-owned companies or private enterprises. Many of them have their own stockpiles and shipping ports or truck onloading facilities, others depend on our logistic solutions that we offer among our services.


ASCON works alongside a variety of coal mines which are located all over Indonesia, however with a main focus on South and East Kalimantan.

The main mines that we are officially working with and that are supplying us, have the following general features:

  • Batu Licin – South Kalimantan, GAR 3800
  • Central Kalimantan, GAR 4700
  • Palembang – South Sumatera, GAR 4700
  • Banjar – South Kalimantan, GAR 6200
  • Sebamban – South Kalimantan, GAR 4200
  • Aceh Barat, GAR 3400
  • East Kalimantan, GAR 3800
  • Barito Timur Kalteng, GAR 3900
  • Kukar Kaltim, GAR 4200
  • Kukar Kaltim, GAR 4600

We either have a shareholding in the supplying coal mines, work on an exclusive basis with them or simply buy regular volumes or on spot basis from them, with the prime goal to always be able to deliver the coal to our clients on time and in the precise quantity and quality.

ASCON further has a track record with coal mines with the following characteristics (on ADB basis) that we can still make available today:

  • Central Kalimantan    6.000 – 6.400
  • East Kalimantan         4.800 – 6.700
  • South Kalimantan      4.000 – 4.500
  • East Kalimantan         4.200 – 4.500
  • East Kalimantan         4.000 – 5.000
  • Jambi                            4.200 – 5.000
  • South Kalimantan      5.000 – 5.500
  • South Kalimantan      5.200 – 6.000
  • South Sumatra            5.500 – 6.000
  • South Sumatra            4.000 – 4.500

While always maintaining a good relationship with our existing miners, we are also permanently on the outlook for new suppliers to cater to the wide range of preferences and requirements from our buyers.

For further enquiries on coal, including grades of coal not mentioned herewith, kindly contact our Jakarta based trading team and they would be happy to assist.


It is a general approach of ASCON to permanently create and maintain projects with the highest possible standards. We believe in a business approach with a long-term outlook. We work to understand and manage the sensitivities of the environments in which we operate, and our responsibilities to them, from beginning to end of our operations.

Our operating management system lays out the steps and safeguards we believe are necessary to maintain responsible operations, helping our businesses to understand and minimize their impacts, whether to land, air, water, flora or wildlife. We also have specific group requirements and recommendations governing our identification and management of potential impacts of projects that carry particular environmental and social risks; these apply to major new projects, projects in new access locations, some acquisitions negotiations, and those that could affect an international protected area.

We strive to make our socio-economic impact a positive one by running our operations responsibly and by investing in communities in ways that benefit both local populations and ASCON.

ASCON also adheres to the highest levels of integrity in fulfilling its contractual obligations, the result of which is reflected in some of the credit arrangements that we have secured with globally recognised companies and organisations.

Further, ASCON fully complies with all financial and energy regulations under which our business operates. Our company also complies with all regulations and financial codes of ethics: market manipulation, money laundering, duties of information and code of conduct.


ASCON GROUP’s first company was founded in December 1984 as a company incorporated under the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany and registered at the Municipal Court of Hamburg.

Since its inception, ASCON GROUP has been primarily engaged in the international trade of crude oil and its derivative products working with major companies in the oil industry like Caltex, Glencore, OMV, Voest Alpine, Shell, Exxon, BP, Texaco, Metallgesellschaft (now GEA Group), Bayoil, Tamoil, Neste, PDVSA, Petrol Export-Import, Total, TPI Refinery, SAR Refinery, Sasol, Sunkyoung Group (now SK Group), Sinosteel Corporation, Petrogulf and Batumi Refinery amongst others.

By virtue of its extensive industry relationships, ASCON GROUP is able to offer crude oil and refined products from all corners of the globe and can make available spot, short and long-term contracts to meet the specific demands for crude oil and petroleum products on the international markets.

Over the years, ASCON GROUP has also developed considerable experience in the exploration, sourcing, shipping and trading of petroleum coke, coal and various other commodities, always paying due attention to the logistics involved in the conveyance of the commodities that we are active in.

ASCON GROUP is particularly concentrating on niche markets where it operates and cooperates with local companies to fill the regional supply and demand gaps and in order to open new sources for our overseas clients.

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